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Tiewlasud takes you to the edge of Siam’s south at Yala and Narathiwat. Prepare your camera and be ready to be amazed by the spectacular arts in these cities, which reflect the social contexts perfectly. Adjust your sharp focus, and touch the resolution of the arts that are not hard to reach.      


“เสพศิลป์ ถิ่นบินหลา” ของยะลาเขาน่าชม

1. Prachanukul Community Street Art



Our first stop is “Yala Bird City Street Art” by Yala City Municipality. It has become popular in social media since it was first started 2 years ago. This project aims to promote Yala’s marketing, increase economic growth, and attract visitors to travel in the city, not just pass by Yala to Betong.         



This project is based on the concept of bird because Yala is the city of birds and well-known for the zebra dove. So each of the arts from various artists has included symbolizations of birds and the province's unique features, which some belong to the artists Phacharaphon Tangruen (Alex Face), and Peeraphat Wongjongjaihan (KSY).

White elephant art which in 1968 Yala province gave a white elephant to be alongside King Rama IX.


These wall arts, which located on almost every alley, have become a part of Prachanukul community. They help to reduce the oddities between visitors and local residents quite well, in the way that we can have an excuse to step in their habitat. Not just for superficially selfie with these arts, but to observe the locals' way of life and the appearance of dwellings to understand why artists chose that wall at that exact location. In other words, to spend more time on art within the local community context and see the possibilities of how these arts fit into real life. 


Art and life contact each other. 


Location: Prachanukul Community, around Nuansakul 1 and 2 Rd., Sateng, Mueang, Yala

How to get there: 1.1 km away from Yala Train Station by car

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เส้นสายที่แฝงคม ต้องไปชมที่นราฯ

2. Su-ngai Kolok Street Art


A woman with add-on hair (the wall behind is the picture of trumpet flower)


Although this street art does not present a particular theme as in Yala, the arts here retain the uniqueness of Narathiwat. There is the art of golden trumpet flower, the iconic flower of Narathiwat. Nearby, the gold leaf art signifies the symbol of the province because the gold leaf was first and only found here. It is an ivy with the heart-shaped leaf which has three different colors as it grows: rose gold (baby), gold (adult) and silver (elder). Hornbill art represents the fact that various hornbill species are mostly found in Narathiwat comparing to the rest of Thailand.     


Hornbill art


Here, something intriguing stands out from these paints. While the actual trumpet flower and gold leaf are in gold color, their arts are grey and gloomy, as if they are meant to mourn the south Thailand insurgency. Painting alongside the paper crane picture, which represents the Peace Bird Circle of Narathiwat, even greatly reminds the audience of the tragedy.      



These art walls are located on National Highway No. 42 between the immigration bureau and Su-ngai Kolok railway station. This destination is both the end and the beginning, depending on where you are heading. There might be a reason why this street art was built here. At least, it's not just for getting out of the car to take selfies, then rush to somewhere else for sure.              


Location: National Highway No. 42 between the immigration bureau and Su-ngai Kolok railway station, Su-ngai Kolok, Su-ngai Kolok, Narathiwat   

How to get there: 850 m away from Su-ngai Kolok railway station 

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เลียบชลยลนกเงือก แห่งป่าเทือกสันกาลาฯ

3. Hornbill Ground near Bang Nara river


From the art of hornbill at Su-ngai Kolok, we now come to the downtown to see hornbill sculptures at the Hornbill Ground which looks like an open-air hornbill museum near Bang Nara river. Many hornbill sculptures appear in various species and different postures like perching, flying, soaring and swooping. Here, you will enjoy the sculptures, scenery, and atmosphere on the riverbank, especially under the delicate orange beam of sunset in the evening. 



Fun Fact: There are 52 species of hornbill discovered in the world. In Thailand, 13 species were discovered in total, in which 10 of these are found in Narathiwat at Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary of Sankalakhiri Range, mostly in the country. Since hornbill only lives in a large and fertile forest, it becomes an indicator of the natural abundance, as the Hala Bala forest has been praised to be "Amazon of ASEAN".      


Location: Bang Nara riverbank next to Commemoration Royal Pavilion, Bang Nak, Mueang, Narathiwat

How to get there: 2.2 km away from Narathiwat Bus Terminal by car

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ประวัติความเป็นมา คลังนราฯ ข้อมูลแท้

4. Narathiwat City Museum


King Rama IX exhibition room


Only 500 m from the Hornbill Ground, you will find “Narathiwat City Museum” founded by Narathiwat Provincial Cultural Office since February 16, 2018, to be a learning center about history, ethnicity, religion, way of life, art, and culture. On the ground floor, there are many exhibition rooms presenting various historic records and facts of Narathiwat such as the introduction room telling about the province's identities, the room nearby showing Narathiwat's abundant natural resources, both mountains and national parks, which are important river sources and biodiversity, the historic room describing the city construction, the room of imagery replicas visualizing buildings and streets from the past to the present, and the remembrance gallery showing historical photos relating to or of Narathiwat. While the second floor exhibits many interesting stories, including settlement, old communities, ethnicity, religions, historically important figures, way of life, traditions, cultures, occupations, famous foods, folk crafts, performance arts, and local languages.


The local way of life painted on a handcrafted jar 

Each room was designed modernly with light, color, and suitably allocated areas. There is continuity in the presentation from one room to another. The staff will attentively present every detail of Narathiwat from the beginning to the end. Visitors will be impressed by the short documentary film about King Rama IX who told the international media about how he helped to improve Thailand and the lives of the underprivileged. His speech was simple, yet articulated his majestic heart that will always be printed on your heart. Just look around the room with photos of the King’s royal duties, it will leave you speechless with gratitude.                  

Historic photographs exhibition room opens to the “world”   


All the rooms are rich in the history of Narathiwat from pre-establishment to the present that cannot experience within a single day. This museum is suitable for general people of all ages interested in history, art, culture, way of life, etc. 


Location: Old City Hall in front of Mueang Narathiwat Municipality, Bang Nak, Mueang, Narathiwat

Operating Hour: Mon-Fri, 09.00-16.00

Call: 073-512-207

How to get there: 2.3 km away from Narathiwat Bus Terminal by car

Entrance Fee: FREE

Facebook: พิพิธภัณฑ์เมืองนราธิวาส Narathiwat City Museum 

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ดูศิลป์อย่างรู้ค่า เดินเข้ามา “เดอ ลาแป”

5. De’ Lapae Art Space


De’ Lapae Art Space is an only 15-minute walk from Narathiwat City Museum. This new art center is opened recently by Mr. Prach Pimarnman, a fine art professor at Prince of Songkla University who turned his old house into an art knowledge center for theoretical and practical art by means of workshops, art teaching, art researching at the library, and displaying all types of contemporary art in the exhibition space. However, art is very far from the life of the locals. Therefore, Pimarnman tactically allocated a part of his area to be a coffee shop and displayed attractive arts to attract local people.



His former house is a two-storey house. The ground floor is divided into reception, a coffee shop and a souvenir shop selling a limited number of publications. The upstairs is a space for rotating contemporary art exhibitions. Right now, there is a show influenced by chronic violence on the border, created by a new generation of artists. One of the works is an installation of small wooden boxes lying on the floor like a troop of coffins. Inside the boxes are wooden bullets representing the cause of death. While some boxes are emptied to provoke questions. The total number of boxes stands for the number of times the artist felt the loss due to the disputes arising in his hometown.



Other works from the local artists also emphasize melancholy about the tragedy and conflict with equal intensity. It illustrates here that the world of art which opens up subtlety is an important mental foundation that will lead to the growth of common sense of individuals and society. The certitude that the founder realized; therefore, he gave birth to this space.



Nowadays, De’ Lapae Art Space has become more well-known. Numerous art pieces were exhibited in many art galleries in Bangkok, as well as the Jogja Biennale festival in Indonesia. Continuing to improve by traveling to study, observe, and exchange knowledge about art exhibitions in Asia, America and Russia makes this house even more contemporary, as the space for thoughts and feelings of young artists and the general public towards the world today.



Location: 78 Samai Anachak Rd., Bang Nak, Mueang, Narathiwat

Operating Hours: Daily 10.00-17.00, Gallery closes at 17.00, Cafe closes at 19.00.

Call: 084-193-3651

How to get there: 3.8 km away from Narathiwat Bus Terminal by car

Entrance Fee: FREE

Facebook: De' Lapae Art Space Narathiwat

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Art is an honest and straightforward language. It is not only able to convey the beauty and the effects of restlessness from the bottom of the heart, but also tackle sensitive subjects much more profoundly than any reportage would do. As another way to get to know what has happened through the locals' point of view, we then bring the art area to introduce Yala and Narathiwat for you. From this angle, you are now ready to experience the people's way of life on the Malay Peninsula with a different perspective in the next chapter, "Down South of the Border in Awe of Much Wonder (2/2)."


Translator: 4rostb!te
Editor: VDO dance

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