เที่ยวล่าสุดชวน ช้อป ชิม ชิลล์ ที่ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน
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Taling Chan Floating Market is a Thai local floating market that remains lifestyle of riverside people, temples, and Thai traditional houses. It is full of interesting activities, fruit, vegetable, and food for you to try. This is perfect destination for you to spend a day with fresh air and Thai local lifestyle.


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The highlight of Taling Chan Floating Market is Taling Chan Tour, a local natural conservative tour with various programs for visitors to choose as follows:


เที่ยวล่าสุด_เที่ยวล่าสุดชวน ช้อป ชิม ชิล ที่ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน_3


1st Program : Travel 3 Markets

This popular program among international visitors will take you to see Klong Lad Mayom Floating Market, Wat Bang Saphan Floating Market, and Taling Chan Floating Market. There is only one round available per day.

Available Time : 09:30 (the program takes 3 hours)
Price : Adults 90 THB, Children 60 THB  


2nd Program : Travel along canal sides and pay homage to Phra Wat Koh

Experience the life of people along canal sides and pay homage at Wat Koh, an important historical sites of Thailand.

Available Time: Every hour (the program takes an hour)
Price: 69 THB


3rd Program : Travel around the Island in an hour

Watch the gorgeous atmosphere of the Taling Chan floating market, Klong Chag Phra canal, Klong Mon canal and Khlong Bang Chueak Nang canal with beautiful Thai houses and historical sites along the route.

Available Time: Every hour (the program takes an hour)
Price: 60 Baht


4th Program : Ban Sinlapin and Klong Bang Luang Tour

In this program, visitors can see the beauty of Khlong Bang Luang and visit Ban Silapin or the Artist House where there is an old pagoda from the Thonburi period inside. The highlight of this program is Klong Bang Luang Puppet Show.

Available Time: 13:30 (3 hours)
Price: Adults 99 Baht, Children 60 Baht


After finishing the tour, visitors can enjoy relaxing on the raft, and tasting various kinds of fresh food at reasonable price such as seafood with amazing dipping sauce, pork satay, oysters fried in egg batter, as well as Islamic food.    


เที่ยวล่าสุด_เที่ยวล่าสุดชวน ช้อป ชิม ชิล ที่ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน_4

เที่ยวล่าสุด_เที่ยวล่าสุดชวน ช้อป ชิม ชิล ที่ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน_5


Before leaving, there are many shops to buy Thai snacks, food, organic vegetable, and local products all the way from the floating market to the parking lot.


เที่ยวล่าสุด_เที่ยวล่าสุดชวน ช้อป ชิม ชิล ที่ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน_6

เที่ยวล่าสุด_เที่ยวล่าสุดชวน ช้อป ชิม ชิล ที่ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน_7

เที่ยวล่าสุด_เที่ยวล่าสุดชวน ช้อป ชิม ชิล ที่ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน_8


Operating Hour : Saturday-Sunday, 08:00-18:00
Location : 300, Soi Chakphra 17, Klong Chakphra, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170
Transportation : - By Car: 9.5 km. away from the Democracy Manument
                        - By Bus: Route 79 (Ratchaprasong-Phuttamonthon Sai2) and 
                                       Route 83
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Taling Chan Floating Market is full of attractions, food, and goods. This is perfect for your weekend to get away from the city light of Bangkok. If you interested more of the Thainess around Bangkok, check out the article THAINESS WITHIN 100 KM FROM BANGKOK.


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