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Nhan Mod Dang Rafting was inspired by the ideas of Mr. Yothin Khaokaikaeo as he aims to turn the fertile natural resources from neighboring areas into natural attractions, which completely meet the needs of tourists in every aspect. The purposes are to build a strong community in Nhan Mod Dang and bring sustainable development to the urban areas.


  • Rafting: Open Daily from 08:00 PM to 16:00 PM. Adult 200 baht. Child (under 130 cm. height) 100 baht.

  • Herbal Sauna: Free

  • Massage: 200 baht per hour

  • Slider: Unlimited Package 80 baht, Open Daily from 08:00 AM – 16:00 PM


- Package Tour for up to 10 people; the tour will take you to Hom Puttaram Temple to meet and pay respect to Laung Pu Sang, then explore the cave while having adventurous time in the tropical rain forest, Wang Nai Put, and after that to Nhan Sawan Waterfall. One Day Tour costs 390 baht per person. 2 Days and 1 Night tour costs 1,290 per person with accommodation, dinner, and breakfast included.





As safety is concerned, people with at least one of these following conditions MUST avoid rafting.

1.Heart Disease, Apoplexy, Epileptic, and Asthma etc.


3.Intramedullary Nail, Plate, or Screw etc.

4.Alcohol and Drug addiction



Eating, Shopping, Staying



Nhan Mod Dang Restaurant always serves tasty Halal food. However, the reservation has to be made in advance. The dishes depend on seasonal ingredients; therefore, the menus are not optional. For those who book 2 days and 1-night tour package, there are also Karaoke parties with beverage buffet included during dinner time. Apart from the restaurant, villagers' booths selling food and drink can also be found all day on the front side and the parking lot areas. Food and drinks from outside are allowed in the restaurant.




There are plenty of souvenir shops near the entrance of Nhan Mod Dang, selling T-shirts, hats, bookmarks, key chains etc.




There are 2 types of rooms, Resort and Group. Reservation must be made in advance.

Resort Room is provided with free breakfast and unlimited slider package included for 2 persons. Twin beds cost 1,500 baht. The single bed costs 2,000 baht, and Single VIP bed costs 2,500 baht. Areas for 3-4 tents are also provided for camping with no additional payment.

Group Room provided for 5-6 persons costs 3,000 baht, room for 7 persons costs 3,500 baht, and room for 14 persons costs 7,000 baht with breakfast included. Areas for 3-4 tents are also provided for camping with no additional payment.



How to get there



You can take the bus from Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) and Mo Chit 2. There are buses from many agencies going from Bangkok to Hatyai and Hatyai to Patthalung. Buses normally run from 06:00 AM -20:00 PM. Prices vary from 580 to 1,000 baht. A one-way trip takes about 12-13 hours to Mai Seab Square, Amphoe Cha-Uat or Patthalung Bus Terminal.



1690 You can take the train from Bangkok (Hua Lamphong Railway Station). The schedules are 13:00PM / 14:45PM / 15:10PM / 15:35PM / 22:50PM. One trip takes approximately 12-15 hours to Cha-Uat Railway Station or Patthalung Railway Station. For more information, please contact 1690.



Bangkok is about 800 km far from Patthalung. One trip takes about 10 hours. Take Highway 4 to Patthalung until you reach Pathomphon junction in Chumphon. Continue driving on Highway 41 to Mai Seab Square, Amphoe Cha-Uat, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, then keep on driving for about 6 km, and then turn left to Highway 4270. Follow the signs, and go straight for about 9 km, you will see parking lots on the left side and Nhan Mod Deang on the right side of the road.


Motorcycle Taxi: 60 Baht. There is no actual schedule.


Charter Song-Tiew from Cha-Uat: Starts from Mai Seab Square and stops at Cha-Uat Railway Station. The prices vary from 300-500 baht. There is no actual schedule.


Charter Song-Tiew from Patthalung: Stops at Pa Pha Yom with 30 baht fee. You can tell the driver to drop you off at Mai Seab Square. This includes extra payment (100 baht per person, round trip costs 1,200 baht, one day trip costs 1,500). Charter Song-Tiew starts running from 06:20 AM – 17:00 PM.


Tips: Nhan Mod Dang provides pick up service with the negotiable rate.





More information about Tiewlasud guidebooks Click here








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