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Tiewlasud, together with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), has gathered tourist attractions and interesting activities on the route of ‘Nakhon Nayok-Prachinburi’. You will be impressed by the beauty of this natural and cultural route for sure!  

"Wander around Ban Bung Khe community"

Experiencing the local life of Thai Puan at Ban Bung Khe community, a tourism village following the philosophy of “Sufficiency Economy”, there are many interesting cultural and natural attractions to enjoy, such as Don Yai Mae Bamboo Bridge, Luang Phor Yim at Wat Ta Kian Thong, Khlong Si Siad Reservoir, and Nakhon Nayok’s largest meditation retreat, Wat Pa Si Thawon Nimit.          


The Venerable Father “Luang Por Yim” at Wat Ta Kian Thong, Thai Puan's center of faith


Take a picture at Don Yai Mae Bamboo Bridge


There are tour guides, bike riding tour, and homestays available for visitors to absorb the local Thai Puan’s way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation.  


Thai Puan’s traditional food


Operating Hours : Daily, 08:00-18:00
Location : Nong Sang, Pak Phli, Nakhon Nayok
TEL : 080-792-1122, Mr. Wichan Watanawichian of Ban Bung Khe Tourism Community   
Transportation : 17 km away from Nakhon Nayok city by car


"DIY mobile garden project in the flower village"

At Chalerm Phrakiat Flower Village, you can express your creativity through designing a mobile garden with Mok (water jasmine), tamarind, key lime tree, and bonsai tree. Various garden trees are available for your home and garden decoration.    


Various garden trees available to shop


Design a mobile garden in your style


Make your own mobile garden and bring it home


Operating Hours : Most shops open daily at 08:00-18:00
                           Lung Prasert Garden opens at 10:00-18:00, closing every                                   Tuesday and Wednesday
Location : Suwannasorn Rd., Dong Khilek, Mueang, Prachinburi
Fee : Start from 150 Baht
TEL : 092-559-7567 , Mr. Prasert
Transportation : 14 km away from Prachinburi city


"Relax and learn the history of Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital"

You shouldn't miss a chance to visit Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, the landmark of this province. This is a must for visitors to travel and look for some souvenirs.


The impressive “Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr” building


Herb garden in the back of the building


Abhaibhubejhr Thai Herbal Medicine Museum is exhibiting medical instruments from the past around the King Rama V era, and gathering numerous Thai pharmacopeia and medical textbooks. Additionally, Thai massage & spa service and healthy food restaurant are also available for visitors.    


Delicious healthy food


Operating Hours : Daily, 08:30-16:30
Location : 32/7 Prachin Anusorn Rd., Thangam, Mueang, Prachinburi
TEL : 037-211-289
Transportation : 3 km away from Prachinburi city by car   


"Cruise with fresh air along the Prachinburi river"

Visitors can appreciate Prachinburi locals’ lifestyle of aquaculture and fishery in the Prachinburi river banks used as the main transportation of local people in the past.


See the local lifestyle along the Prachinburi river


“Time is uncertainty”, one of the sacred mysteries hidden inside Wichit Temple  


The boat trip will pick you up at Wat Kaew Wichit pier, where you can unlock the sacred mysteries, and cruise to Chaomae Thapthim shrine, the center of faith of Thai-Chinese people in Prachinburi. Then, speed pass Wat Bang Kang and Wat Bot, where you can pay homage to the enormous buddha statues on the boat. The destination of this trip is Ban Bang Phluang’s Reed Mat Community Enterprise where you can enjoy the amazing handmade reed mats that are used in the leading hotels.  


Pay homage to the Buddha statues from the boat


Operating Hours : 2 rounds of boat trip at 09:00-12:00, and 13:00-16:00
Booking : 081-434-8203, Mr. Chum Yapradit of Ban Bang Phluang’s Reed Mat Community Enterprise
Transportation : 2 km away from Prachinburi city by car 


Besides the attractions and activities that Tiewlasud has gathered here, there are so many other beautiful and valuable attractions waiting for you to explore the new shades of Thailand.   


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