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Thai food is well-known for its variety, delicious taste, and freshness which each dish from each area usually has a different history. Today, Tiewlasud would like everyone to meet “ Pad Thai ”, Thailand’s international cuisine with its interesting history.


There is no clear evidence about the person who create the dish “Pad Thai”. However, Plaek Phibunsongkhram, the 3rd Prime Minister of Thailand, promoted the campaign for people to consume noodles to resolve expensive rice problem during the economic downturn caused by the World War II.


One of hypothesis claimed that “Pad Thai noodle” is influenced from a Chinese dish, Fried Noodle. The ingredients to make the Fried Noodle were changed to be more Thai by using shrimp instead of pork meat to be differentiated from the Chinese dish. Tamarind sauce, tofu, lime juice, garlic, banana blossom, and mung bean sprouts were used as the main ingredients easily found in Thailand.


What we can conclude from all the information is that “ Pad Thai ” was created during the World War II from the campaign to promote people to consume noodles believed to have all five food group of nutrients in accordance with the government policy that good citizens must have healthy health and sanitation. From the past to the present, Pad Thai has been developed continuously that nowadays “Pad Thai” becomes Thailand’s national dish which people all over the world want to try.


Nowadays, Pad Thai is made with the different ingredients in each different area to create variant taste and experience shown as follows:

  • Pad Thai Tip Samai Pra Tu Phee : Made with shrimp paste with soybean oil from  shrimp’s head fried, Thai spices, and special rice noodle.

    • Operating hour : Daily, 17.00 p.m. - 02.00 a.m.
      Location : Samranrat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
      Google Map

  • Pad Thai Tha Yang Petchaburi : Made up of palm jaggery and lard, fried with shrimp, mussel, and pork liver.

    • Operating hour : Everyday, 9.00 am. - 16.00 p.m., except for every other Wednesday.
      Location : Tha Yang, Tha Yang, Phetchaburi
      Google Map

  • Pad Thai Pa Lek Ang Thong : Pad Thai with no meat fried with duck eggs served with Thai chopped mango.

    • Operating hour : Tuesday - Sunday, 08:00 a.m. - 15:00 p.m.
      Location : Ongkharak, Pho Thong, Ang Thong
      Google Map

Although each area uses different ingredients to make “ Pad Thai ”, every Pad Thai restaurant remains the uniqueness of Pad Thai which is sweet, tasty, and creamy.


Today, “ Pad Thai ” has impressed people from all over the world. It becomes one of Thailand’s most famous dish that Meghan Markle, an former American actress and the Duchess of Sussex, is fascinated with the taste of “ Pad Thai ”.


Thai food also has many stories for us to learn, the more to know, the more fun to eat! Let’s follow Tiewlasud to see what we’ll present you next time.

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