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When traveling aboard, the thing that causes us an uncomfortable travel the most is our own luggage. But we can get rid of this problem by taking luggage storage service. It's normal in foreign countries, for example, Japan has luggage stores almost every train station. The luggage storage service in Thailand also operates at some train stations, mainly in Bangkok, one of World's highest tourism rankings. Not only foreign tourists, Thai people also need the luggage stores in a rush moment or when they have to go on an errand. Tiewlasud is here to help you find where the luggage stores services located in Bangkok, so you can take an easy and comfortable trip.


เคล็ดลับท่องเที่ยวสะดวกสบายด้วยตู้ล็อคเกอร์ฝากของ สำหรับนักเดินทาง



Lock Box, the huge yellow-black lockers are easy to use with its automatic, self-service system and safe with 24/7 CCTV. You can choose the locker's size suited to your luggage, S , M , L and XL. The rental locker rate starts 20 THB/Hr.


5 Easy Steps to Rent a Locker

1. Select “Rent a locker”
2. Select Lock Box No.
3. Create password
4. Pay for a rent (Prepare the exact money because the system is unable to give you change)
5. Finish the process and get your luggage into the Lock Box.

Rental Rate

Size S : 20 THB/Hr or 160 THB/Day
Size M : 30 THB/Hr or 240 THB/Day 
Size L : 40 THB/Hr or 320 THB/Day
Size XL : 50 THB/Hr or 400 THB/Day


1. Makkasan Airport Rail Link 
2. Every MRT Sation except for Lumphini, Klong Toei, and Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Stations. 
3. Between BTS Saladaeng and MRT Silom Skywalk


2. Blocker / Be Safe Be Yours

The red luggage stores, Blocker / Be Safe Be Yours are similar to other luggage storing service. Before renting a blocker, the officers will check luggage's security. Blocker / Be Safe Be Yours has only 2 sizes storage with M and L. The rental locker rate starts 50 THB/3 Hr. and increase to 20 THB in each hour after that. Maximum length of rental is 4 days if the rental is over time, the luggage will be sent to the Blocker / Be Safe Be Yours' office which operates at 6 AM-11 PM / 8 AM-10 PM

Rental Rate

Size M: 50 THB/3 Hr
Size L: 80 THB/3 Hr


1. Between Phaya Thai station and Airport Rail Link Skywalk
2. Suvarnabhumi Airport


The luggage storage is useful for tourists to easily and comfortably travel in Bangkok. And probably soon, the luggage lockers will be placed all over Bangkok. 


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