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The Sanctuary of Truth is Thailand’s world-famous architecture. The Building was built with carved wood through Thai traditional wood joint without any nail or mortar in the construction process. Today, Tiewlasud would like everyone to touch the beauty and greatness of the Sanctuary of Truth, a place to understand the value of Thai arts.       

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The Sanctuary of Truth was found in 1981. However, it has been developed continuously because of its exquisites and fineness. This sanctuary is a thai-style Jaturamuk woodcarving castle (a castle with Thai cross gable roof). Inside, there is a central hall with shine and wind passing from the other four halls (Northern, Eastern, Western, and Southern Halls). The carved pictures here tell the story of the birth of the human world and religion from the past to present consisting of different philosophies and beliefs.


Four-Face Brahma Statue on the Rooftop

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To show a great respect to father, mother, teachers, the king, and Brahmavihara or four immeasurables consisting of loving-kindness (Metta), compassion (Karuna), empathetic joy (Mudita), and equanimity (Upekkha), Four-Face Brahma Statue stands on the highest spot to protect those immeasurables believed to make prosperity.  


Northern Hall

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The Northern Hall represents the wisdom of emancipation from positive thinking, doing good things, and sharing without expecting anything in return. In this hall, there are carved sculptures of Bodhisattva, Manjushri, Amitabha, Avalokitesvara, Guanyin, Immortals, and etc.   


Southern Hall

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The planets, the sun, and the moon are all influences to environment and way of life. This hall exhibits the goddesses that symbolize each planet.         


Western Hall

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The Western Hall tells the story of four elements, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, which are the source of everything on Earth, and the divines who create, destroy and preserve from the religious belief that “The fairest rose is at last withered”. Inside, there are the exhibitions of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the divines that conquer all the four elements.


Eastern Hall

Eastern Hall exhibits round relief sculptures of father, mother, love and mercy that are greater than the sky and sea reflecting the miracle of soul that can be taught from generation to generation.


Operating Hour: Everyday, 08:00-18:00
Location: 206/2 m. 5, Soi Na Klue, Bang La Mung, Chonburi 20150
Transportation: 8 km. away from Pattaya downtown taking around 30 minutes to reach there by car
Entrance Fee: 500 THB   

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The value, beauty and creativity of men are what makes this place a destination for both Thai and foreign visitors. We, as Thais, should preserve these things because they are the identity that globalized us.


This is another place that is worth to be preserved. And if you are a person who loves to touch beautiful of the glorious ancient city, Tiewlasud would like to take you to The Ancient City Samut Prakan.



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